Privacy Policy

Hello, with this Privacy Policy I'm going to describe you how I collect, use and take care of any information you give me. As a general rule, I collect your personal information only if you choose to provide them to me and I delete such information as soon as I no longer need them.

How I Collect and Use Your Information

By means of a checkout form and Stripe, I collect the bare minimum information necessary to process your order, register a user account on this website and identify you in a second time as a licence owner.

I use Jetpack to collect, monitor and analyse statistical information in order to improve this website.

I use cookies. Cookies are small files saved to your device that track and store information about your interactions and usage of this website. For more information on how I use cookies and how you can control them, please, read the Cookie Policy.

When you post a comment, an anonymised string (hash) created from your email address may be sent to the Gravatar service to check if you are using it and so make your profile's picture publicly visible in the context of your comment.

When you request technical support via email, I might ask you for additional information about the environment where SiteTree, or your Leaves, are installed. Such information are only temporarily held and are used for debugging purposes only.

In addition, through your Leaves I collect information necessary to provide you with software updates and technical support.

Information I Hold

When you go through the checkout process, I collect your full name, email address, country's name, postal code and Internet Protocol (IP) address. I don't collect your credit card details, these information are not disclosed to me by Stripe.

I also keep records of the receipts of purchase I send you and the payments you make.

When you browse this website I collect information such as the browser type, the browser version, the pages of this website that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and a few other statistics.

When you contact me via email, I hold your name, email address and information relevant for the development of this website that might be contained in the message.

When you post a comment, besides your comment, name, email address and website URL — if provided — I collect your IP Address and information about your browser, namely the User-Agent string. These data are retained indefinitely, so that I can recognise and approve any follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in a moderation queue.

Finally, through your Leaves I collect the domain name of the website where they are installed and the IP address of the server hosting them.

Where I Store Your Information

The personal information I collect when you purchase a Leaf and your comments and their metadata are saved to a server owned by Gandi SAS and located in France. Instead, the information you send me via email are stored on a Google's server (Gmail).

All these information are also periodically copied to my computer and backed up to external memory drives.

Who Can Access to Your Information

The access to your information is limited to me and to the people responsible of maintaining the servers mentioned in the previous section. In some cases, I might be obliged by law to disclose information about you to government agencies.

How I Keep Your Information Private

The transmission of data from this website to your device's browser, and vice versa, is encrypted according to the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

The servers where I store the information you give me are all protected by a two-factor authentication system and all of them communicate with the applications I use via secure connections conforming to the SSL protocol.

The computer I use is protected by a password required whenever it is started or after a few minutes of inactivity.

Your Rights

At any time you may request to access to your personal data or ask for their correction or erasure by emailing me at the address you find in the next section. Nonetheless, for legal reasons, I might not be able to delete all the copies of your personal data.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact me at .

Changes to This Policy

I might change the content of this Privacy Policy from time to time with the assumption that the changes made become effective from the moment of publication. I will notify you of major changes by revising the ChangeLog that follows.


  • introduced mention of Jetpack by Automattic, as a result of having stopped using Google Analytics.
  • replaced all references to SiteTree Pro with mentions of the Leaves, replaced PayPal with Stripe as one of the means through which I collect information, and added the country's name and the postal code to the list of information collected on completing a purchase.
  • added mention of the checkout form and the personal area for SiteTree Pro users in the 'How I Collect and Use Your Information' section, and removed the street address as one of the information collected on purchasing a copy of SiteTree Pro.