Setting a Distinct Thumbnail for Each Video

Thumbnails for videos listed in the Video Sitemaps are, by default, all equal to the same placeholder image, that's because SiteTree isn't yet able to automatically generate a unique thumbnail image for each video. Nevertheless, SiteTree gives you the ability to manually set video thumbnails, this is how:

You need to follow the above steps for each video whose thumbnail you want it to be custom-made. Just note that the 'Featured Image' for a given video must be a pre-made image, as SiteTree does not allow to choose from an auto-generated selection of thumbnail images.

Customising the Placeholder Thumbnail

In the event you want your video thumbnails to be sourced all by the same image file, but you don't want it to be the one bundled with the plugin, you can tell SiteTree about the path of your own custom image file by acting on the 'Advanced Settings' screen.

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