Demux Leaf lets you multiply SiteTree's possibilities: by means of sitemap break-up and pagination, Demux Leaf is able to set the SiteTree's core builder free from the limitations imposed by performance, specifications and usability.

A Collection of Google Sitemaps

Splitting up a large sitemap and building a Sitemap Index is always a good move when the website is getting bigger and bigger, but it is also a good solution to keep the permalinks in your Google Sitemap organised: when in action, Demux Leaf creates a separate sitemap, or a group of sitemaps, for each type of content the included permalinks belong to.

The best part is that Demux Leaf can silently switch between single and multiple sitemaps mode while keeping unchanged the location of the sitemap.

News Sitemaps Unrestrained

When News sprout like mushrooms and the single News Sitemap generated by SiteTree starts to get tight, Demux Leaf becomes a real asset. Its ability to automatically jump back and forth from single to multiple sitemaps mode based on how many News are there to list, and the never-changeability of the location of the sitemap are features that become more and more dependable as you keep publishing.

Site Tree Pagination

User-centric and fine-tuned, the pagination facility wherewith Demux Leaf can equip SiteTree untangles the usability of a medium-to-large Site Tree without overloading the server.

The user-centricity is a distinctive feature of the navigation menu tailing the Site Tree, designed to mimic in behaviour the navigation menu used by Google in their pages of search results, while being fine-tuned means that Demux Leaf exactly knows when a list composing your Site Tree must be spread between multiple pages, or can be left untouched in its wholeness.

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All licences include 1 year of automatic updates and technical support.

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