Excluding Web Pages

There are a number of resources from which you can exclude a Post, Page, or Custom Post:

To exclude one of the mentioned content types from one or more resources listed above, you just have to head for the editor screen of the page you want to exclude and tick the checkboxes you find in the 'The Permalinks Cascade' section on the right (the plugin's meta-box).

The meta-box of The Permalinks Cascade
The meta-box of The Permalinks Cascade for Posts and Custom Posts.

Excluding in Bulk

Excluding a number of Posts, Pages or Custom Posts in one shot is a WorkPress-like task with The Permalinks Cascade, it all comes down to using the Bulk Edit UI available in every Post Type screen: you select the web pages you want to exclude and through the Bulk Edit Box you instruct the plugin on the resources from where the web pages must be excluded.

The user controls made available in the Bulk Edit Box change according to the resources you included the Post Type in.

The user controls made available by The Permalinks Cascade in the Bulk Edit Box.

An 'Excluded From' column will help you check at a glance which web page has been excluded and from where. The column is populated by up to four badges per entry, one for each resource that The Permalinks Cascade can produce — just hover the cursor over the badges to view a tooltip describing their meaning.

The badges in the 'Excluded From' column represent the resources from which the web page has been excluded.
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