Grouping Pages by Topic

The 'Topic' taxonomy made available by The Permalinks Cascade for the 'Page' content type is a non-hierarchical taxonomy like the Post Tag, but unlike Post Tags, Topics have a restriction: you cannot assign more than one Topic to the same Page. Thanks to that, the plugin can split the hyper-list of Pages into groups, each titled with the name of the Topic they share.

The grouping of Pages by Topic can be toggled on/off from the 'Site Tree' settings page.

Assigning Topics

Does have to be noted that a Topic cannot be created while assigning it to a Page, like you can do for Post Tags. In order to be able to assign a Topic, you first have create it.

To create a Topic you have to head for the 'Topics' screen (Pages -> Topics) and submit the form you will be faced with. The only required field is the 'Name' field.

Once you have created a Topic, there are three ways of assigning it, each one based both on your current position in the administration area and on the number of Pages you want to assign the same Topic to:

  1. If you are on the editor screen of a Page, you can choose a Topic for that Page from the 'Topic' section of the plugin's meta-box:

    The SiteTree Meta-box
  2. When on the 'Pages' screen, you can use the 'Quick Edit' function to assign a Topic to a single Page...

    Assigning a Topic via the 'Quick Edit' function.
  3. ...or use the 'Bulk Edit' functionality to assign the same Topic to a whole set of Pages:

    Assigning a Topic to multiple pages.

When you assign a Topic only to part of the Pages included in the Site Tree, by default, The Permalinks Cascade hides the topic-less ones. To show them, you have to act on the 'Site Tree' settings page.

All of the above applies also to grouping by Topic the items of a hyper-list of Pages produced through either the Gutenberg Block, the shortcode or the template tag.

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