Site Tree Pagination

Pagination is the process of splitting the content of a web resource (Site Tree, blog, search results, etc.) into multiple pages, mostly to provide a higher user experience.

The pagination of the Site Tree is done automatically as soon as a target limit of items has been exceeded. Each page of a multi-page Site Tree is trailed by a navigation menu inspired in behaviour to the one used by Google in their pages of search results.

The following screenshot shows an example of a paginated Site Tree styled by the Twenty Twenty theme and a few additional lines of CSS that control the appearance of the navigation menu:

An example of paginated Site Tree.

The Number of Items Per Page

The number of items to show per page, controllable from the dashboard of The Permalinks Cascade, is accounted by the plugin more as a hint than a fixed limit, in fact the choice of whether or not to stick to this setting is usually influenced by the amount and type of content to show in the next page.

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