A WordPress theme for personal blogs.

Minimalist, Content-centred, Accessible.

Packed with the Essentials

Flock can easily turn out to be a companion for those just starting out blogging as well as a complete answer for anyone seeking minimalism.

  1. Responsive layout with flexible header and footer sections.
  2. Customisable base, alternate and background colours through the Theme Customise Screen.
  3. Optional custom logo and site tagline.
  4. Primary site menu with support for submenus, fully navigable by keyboard.
  5. Optional secondary menu displayable in the site's footer.
  6. Three contiguous widget areas in the site's footer.
  7. Always-at-hand search form.
  8. Support for featured images and sticky posts.
  9. Dynamic template for displaying search results, archive pages and author pages.
  10. Single post template ready to welcome multi-page posts, threaded comments and comments spread on multiple pages. The template doesn't lack for the ability to display post's metadata and for an adjacent-posts navigation section, too.
  11. Template for displaying 404 pages.
  12. Theme's typography matched by the Gutenberg editor's typography.

Colour Your Thoughts!

All the colours able to imprint on Flock your personality are customisable through the user interface provided by WordPress in the Theme Customise Screen.

Flock, orange version
Flock, green version