Need Help with Your WordPress Website?

As a Freelance Consultant I offer my know-how to troubleshoot problems with your WordPress installation — wherever you are in the world.

No problem is impossible to troubleshoot, and that's even more true for WordPress-related issues. So if your website or a plugin or theme you are using has a bug you need help with, why you don't try to give me a chance to fix it? The service is reasonably priced, I usually charge between 30€ and 120€.

How My Service Work

  1. You describe me the issue affecting your website.
  2. I get back to you to learn more about your enquiry, then, I send you a quote and an estimate of the time to complete the work.
  3. If you agree to proceed, my work starts as soon as the following day.
  4. Upon completion, and once the payment has been received, I deliver the work to you.

Ready for the First Step?

Please, include in your email your website's address.

I'm currently available for new work.

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