SiteTree Collects its First 100k Downloads

SiteTree Collects its First 100k Downloads

After an outburst of emotions that only Fred Flintstone could have expressed better, an unstoppable need to thank every single person who contributed to reaching this milestone made a heartfelt "Grazie!" to spring out of me. Just the time to catch it, that I was already sticking it between these lines: in no case it could have failed getting to you.

In a waving time like the one we are going through, this is more than a milestone, it is a present.

When in January, over five years later from the last update, I published SiteTree 2.0, the hope that there was still someone willing to give me trust was literally under the carpet. So imagine my gladness when nearly 500 downloads welcomed me back, I was finally shaken by a renewed wish to pick up the pieces and get back on the adventure began in the past 2012.

Trust is an irreplaceable power source.

Today more than 50k downloads of SiteTree have gone by since that day, and a profusion of ideas brightens my daily life and sustains my publications with a strength second only to the love I feel for my family.

The future? To me, believing in the present moment, in what can be done now, it's way more important. And right now I can tell you that your feedbacks are being nourishment for a new iteration of SiteTree, new inspiration for the months to come.

I wish you a meaningful Christmas time.