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SiteTree 5.2: It's Time for a Template Tag

SiteTree 5.2 is a small update, but big enough to introduce a really flexible Template Tag, `sitetree_get_hyperlist()`.

SiteTree 5.2: It's Time for a Template Tag

It would be much more worth writing about a restorative experience lived in a difficult 2020, but I am just a young life-learner who mingles drops of code into a cauldron full of hope, and as such I can only wish you to find in this update that bit of extra usefulness that SiteTree was still missing.

SiteTree is more and more approaching to being a multipurpose sitemap and hyper-list plugin for WordPress, and I really hope you can feel as yours my thrill on pursuing this goal. A challenging goal, no doubt. But what would be a better spur to start a new year than an opportunity for growth.

A Lone Template Tag

SiteTree 5.2 is quite a small update, in that the source code has been subject mostly to refactoring, with very little additions of new logic, nonetheless the revision has been enough to introduce a counterpart for the [sitetree] shortcode, a Template Tag named sitetree_get_hyperlist() that despite its lonely nature, it can offer a great deal of flexibility to the developer inside you.

In the help section you can find a whole article detailing its two inputs, but if you want to see it in action straight away, you just have to remember to pass it the type of the hyper-list you want it to be displayed, namely a Post Type key or Taxonomy key:

1<?= sitetree_get_hyperlist( 'page' ); ?>

Titbit on SiteTree 6.0

Development of SiteTree 6.0 is going to start very soon, and I cannot help myself from telling you at least what the keyword tagging its release will be... Come closer... Blocks!

There will be some interesting novelties before its release, so stay around!