SiteTree 5.1: Hyper-lists of Child Pages, and A Second Mini-feature

SiteTree 5.1: Hyper-lists of Child Pages, and A Second Mini-feature

The last of a year-long succession of updates is here, ready to salute this prolific 2020 that has seen SiteTree growing from an idea of the past to a sitemap builder plugin much more able, way more robust in structure, and with a regained character. In this release the shortcode feature introduced with SiteTree 4.5 is further enhanced by the introduction of a new attribute — SiteTree keeps collecting Flexibility.

The attribute has been named only_children_of and it's available only when the type attribute is set to page. This new attribute suffices by itself to produce a whole new family of hyper-lists (lists of hyperlinks).

`only_children_of` This Page

By setting its value to this, SiteTree will generate a hyper-list of Pages children of the Page containing the [sitetree] shortcode. Just to be pragmatic:

1[sitetree type="page" only_children_of="this"]

`only_children_of` a Specific Page

The attribute is also flexible enough to accept a specific Page ID as value, so that an hyper-list of Pages children of a chosen Page can be included in any Post, Page or Custom Post by writing, for example...

1[sitetree type="page" only_children_of="5"]

There is Something More to This Release

It isn't only the Site Tree feature to have got some love, a functionality related to the Google Sitemap and much requested in the past weeks has finally been implemented: the option to customise the filename of the Google Sitemap. The functionality is accessible through the SiteTree Dashboard, and has been built in to give an extra layer of protection against bad-tempered robots.

A Few Words of Thanks

I feel the need to underline that your support in reaching this year's result has been of paramount importance: none of the 29 updates released this year could have be possible without a You balancing the equation.

Thank you very much!