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Meet the Leaves, Add-ons for SiteTree

Leaves are plugins, plugins specifically built for SiteTree. Out there this kind of software is called add-on, or simply extension, but apparently I am unable not to leave spoors of me.

Meet the Leaves, Add-ons for SiteTree

Out of curiosity, about a month ago, I fed the terminal a one-liner program that would have tallied the number of lines of code I had put together to give life to SiteTree Pro. The terminal displayed a number slightly over 13k. Looking at it with a bit of proud, I realised a crossroads was just showing up before me: one path went on with SiteTree Pro in constant growth, the other turned a little to lead straight towards an adventure even more nestled into the WordPress jungle. I really liked what I had built up until then, but the ideas that were bubbling in my head inspired me even more. So I immediately got to work, and after 3k new lines of code, I can finally announce the release of the first Leaves for SiteTree!

Leaves are plugins, plugins specifically built for SiteTree. Someone calls this kind of software add-on, or simply extension, but apparently I am unable not to leave spoors of me.

What follows is just a brief introduction to the two Leaves I am launching today, so feel free to scrutinise them thoroughly.

Pro Leaf: the heir of SiteTree Pro

Pro Leaf is a kaleidoscopic Leaf, in that it is a varied collection of features that add up to or extend the ones offered by SiteTree. Actually, Pro Leaf is yet to become a real collection of features, since the features it is composed by are still just two, but with a bit of patience and some feedback from your part, and a good amount of creative work from mine, no doubt it will turn SiteTree into a sitemap maker fully-featured for professional websites.

Demux Leaf: a Sitemap Multiplier

I named this Leaf thinking to how much alike its functioning was to that of a Demux, or demultiplexer, essentially an electronic device that can multiply its only input line. In fact Demux Leaf has just one purpose to fulfil: splitting a medium-to-large Google Sitemap, News Sitemap or Site Tree into multiple documents, or pages, in the case of the Site Tree. The Leaf performs its duty in complete autonomy. You activate it, and automagically sitemap demultiplexing and Site Tree pagination do happen. Saying that it has life on its own is almost an understatement.

What about SiteTree Pro?

As for SiteTree Pro, it will not be stowed in the past right away, rather, it will continue to receive compatibility updates and bug fixes for at least another year, though I really encourage you to embrace the future, even more so when Pro Leaf is free of charge for SiteTree Pro users.

With the hope you'll find useful what I have built, I wish you a good day.