Pro Leaf

A toolset for professional websites.


Demux Leaf

A sitemap multiplier and Site Tree paginator.



Does SiteTree need Leaves to function?

No, it doesn't. With Leaves you can extend the capabilities of SiteTree, as they are add-ons specifically developed for SiteTree, however SiteTree is a fully-featured plugin that works on its own.

Does Demux Leaf need Pro Leaf to work?

No, it doesn't. The two Leaves work independently to each other, so you don't have to necessarily purchase both.

Do I have to purchase Leaves to get support?

Absolutely not. All people using SiteTree can freely receive technical support. To get support for your Leaves, however, you need a valid Licence Key.

On how many websites can I activate my Licence Key?

Leaves can be purchased under three kinds of licences: Personal, Business and Developer. Each one regulates the number of websites the Licence key can be activated on. The activation limits are respectively 1 website, up to 5 websites, and up to 15 websites.