My name is Luigi Cavalieri. I am a software developer living in Roccagloriosa, a small hill village, in southern Italy, where olive trees outnumber inhabitants.

My journey as a developer began in the bygone years of university. At the time, my sole focus were Mac apps. Only in 2011 I approached to the open source world of WordPress by launching my first real project, SiteTree. The aim was to work on it for the next several years, but Unpredictability knocked to the door. Sometimes Life just calls out for a break, and when it does, we can only stubbornly try to weather the storm.

Today SiteTree has given way to The Permalinks Cascade, the Flock theme is flourishing, and I have just started to offer my freelance services. With time I have learned to look at my work as in a mirror, catching in it sight of traits of my inner walk. I only hope that the way ahead will be as inspiring as it as been that traveled so far, and I wish you too to find inspiration in your life, and to love what you are doing.

Something More About Me

I share my daily life with my family, three mixed-breed dogs and three pond slider turtles that sometimes taste my fingers — apparently there is also a family of bats dwelling under my roof.

Apart from diving into pages of code, I love making fresh pasta, doing electrician odd jobs and generally living on food for mind by not forgetting, however, to be made of tangible interactions.


I do my little part to make the world simpler.