Luigi Cavalieri - Authoring Open Source Code


My name is Luigi Cavalieri. I am a software developer living in Roccagloriosa, a small hill village, in southern Italy, where olive trees nearly outnumber people.

Portrait of Luigi Cavalieri

My journey as a developer began during the bygone years of the university. At the time, my sole focus were Mac applications – iClip Lyrics gained modest popularity, so much so that published an article about it. Only in 2011 I started approaching to the open source world, when I released my first actual project, SiteTree. From then on, my life took the shape of a yo-yo, new software versions alternated to hurdles of the soul, until I eventually had to take a pause, a very long one actually.

In the summer of 2021, SiteTree gave way to The Permalinks Cascade. Soon after though, my attention began to shift more and more towards full-stack JavaScript development. I found myself spending an ever growing amount of time on reading books about JavaScript and on exploring Node.js and its ecosystem.

All of this led me to a full-time job at GreenVulcano Technologies, mainly as a front-end developer, a collaboration lasted 18 months during which I fed my curiosity with projects based on technologies like React, TypeScript, Angular, Express.js, Laravel and PostgreSQL.

With time I have learned to look at my work as if I were looking in a mirror, catching in it glimpses of my inner walk. Every day I strive to make sure that the path unfolding before me is as inspiring as the one travelled so far, and I wish to you too to find inspiration in your life, and to love what you do.

Something More About Me

I live my daily life with my family, two foundling dogs and three pond slider turtles that little by little have learned not to taste my fingers — actually there is also a family of bats dwelling under my roof!

Besides diving into pages of code and daydreaming while reading a book, I like to make fresh pasta and occasionally take on the role of the handyman.


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