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I'm Luigi, a software developer living in a small hill village in the province of Salerno, Italy. If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you a little bit about me.

Portrait of Luigi Cavalieri

This website is the primary medium I use to share part of my work. It is the closest digital imprint of me, a piece of work constantly under development. Here and there, between snippets of code and the guides I've been posting lately, you'll also find traces of my long lasting interest in WordPress. If you come back from time to time, I'm sure you will not be generally disappointed to read my latest.

My Professional Walk Up Until Now

My journey as a self-taught developer began during the bygone years of the university. At the time, my sole focus were Mac applications – iClip Lyrics gained modest popularity, so much so that published an article about it. Only in 2011 I started approaching to the open source world, when I released my first actual project, SiteTree. From then on, my life took the shape of a yo-yo, new software versions alternated to hurdles of the soul, until I eventually had to take a pause, a very long one actually.

In the summer of 2021, SiteTree gave way to The Permalinks Cascade. Soon after though, my attention began to shift more and more towards full-stack JavaScript development. I found myself spending an ever growing amount of time on reading books about JavaScript and on exploring Node.js and its ecosystem.

All of this led me to a full-time job at GreenVulcano Technologies, mainly as a front-end developer, a collaboration lasted 18 months during which I fed my curiosity with projects based on technologies like React, TypeScript, Angular, Express.js, Laravel and PostgreSQL.

With time I have learned to look at my work as if I were looking in a mirror, catching in it glimpses of my inner walk. Every day I strive to make sure that the path unfolding before me is as inspiring as the one travelled so far, and I wish to you too to find inspiration in your life, and to love what you do.

Something About the Daily Me

I live my daily life with my family, two foundling dogs and three pond slider turtles that little by little have learned not to taste my fingers — actually there is also a family of bats dwelling under my roof!

Besides diving into pages of code and daydreaming while reading a book, I like to make fresh pasta and occasionally take on the role of the handyman.


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