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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Site Tree?

It actually is a Site Map, a human-oriented listing marked up in HTML5 of the most prominent content of your website.

Is there any chance of running into conflicts with the Core Sitemap functionality introduced with WordPress 5.5?

No, there isn't. The plugin automatically disables the Core Sitemap functionality when the Google Sitemap is active.

Are the XML Sitemaps produced by SiteTree human-readable?

Yes, they are. Although the Google Sitemap and the Google News Sitemap are crawler-oriented sitemaps, they are both equipped with an XSL Template that makes them human-readable.

Are there limitations on the capacity of the sitemaps?

Yes, there are. For performance reasons the Google Sitemap has a maximum capacity of 10k permalinks, while the Google News Sitemap can contain at most 1k permalinks, as per specifications. The Site Tree's capacity is also limited, but in this case the reason is linked to usability and so, user experience. SiteTree can build an HTML Site Map composed of up to 1k items per included Content Type.

If you need to build a larger sitemap, have a look into Demux Leaf.

Can SiteTree generate a Google Sitemap complete with Change Frequency and Priority metadata?

Starting from SiteTree 3.0 the plugin no longer has this ability, become obsolete by now.

What are the system requirements of SiteTree?

You can instal SiteTree on any version of WordPress following WordPress 5.3. The system requirements are the same as WordPress.

Can I activate my License Key from my local development environment?

Yes, you can activate it without affecting its limit of activations as long as your local domain is 'localhost' or meets one of the following conditions:

  • *.dev
  • *.local
  • *.localhost
  • dev.*
  • staging.*
How do I completely uninstal SiteTree?

Just deactivate it and then click on 'Delete'. The same applies to SiteTree 1.5.3.

Will I lose my settings by upgrading from SiteTree 1.5.3?

You will lose only your general settings, your preferences about whether or not to exclude a Post or Page from the sitemaps will be automatically upgraded. Instead, the Change Frequency and Priority metadata you might have set for some Posts or Pages will be deleted from the database, because they have been deprecated.