Leaf Primer

The Leaves are WordPress plugins just like SiteTree, each one with its own identity. The only singularity about the Leaves is that they cannot go very far on their own, they necessarily need SiteTree to carry out their tasks.

To start using your Leaf you have to go only through two swift steps: installation and activation.

Downloading the Leaves

At any time, and as long as your Access Pass will be valid, you will be able to download the Leaves by logging in to this website and visiting the page of each Leaf you are interested in, you'll find the download button in the sidebar.

Installation and Activation

The installation process for a Leaf is the same as that of any other plugin not hosted on WordPress.org:

The Leaf is installed. Now you just have to activate it from the 'Plugins' screen.

Activation of Your Access Pass Key

In order to be able to check for updates, your Leaf needs to know about the key linked to your Access Pass, which has to be activated through SiteTree.

To activate your Access Pass Key you have to go to SiteTree -> Leaves and submit the form contained therein. Please note that the form does show up only when your Leaf is active.

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