Sitemaps for multilingual websites powered by WPML.

Entirely automated, Multilingual Leaf gives SiteTree the means to achieve full compatibility with the WPML plugin.

A Multilingual Site Tree

Virtually everything Multilingual Leaf needs to start showing localised versions of your Site Tree is for you to duplicate the page that is housing your Site Tree. That's it.

Maybe, Multilingual Leaf will not translate the content of the Site Tree for you, but it can certainly make your Site Tree localisable from start to finish: with the help of the WPML String Translation plugin you will be able to translate even the titles of the hyper-lists composing your Site Tree.

Language Info Into the Google Sitemap

A Google Sitemap complete with information about the language of your website's public web pages is a resource that Multilingual Leaf contributes to create and maintain without any work on your part.

The main advantage of including such information straight into the Google Sitemap is easily said: an incontrovertible performance improvement in the work carried out by Googlebot, that translates into a faster indexing of your website's localised content.

As per specifications, language information are added to the sitemap through child <xhtml:link> entries supplied with rel and hreflang attributes.

To ease the check for mistakes, alternate URLs information are presented in a user-friendly fashion thanks to the dynamic XSL template built into SiteTree and further extended by Multilingual Leaf.

Selective Automatic Pinging

When the Automatic Pinging feature of SiteTree is active, and you publish a new web page, Multilingual Leaf exchanges a quick chat with SiteTree to settle on whether or not it is appropriate to ping search engines — the language of the published page and the default language of your website will be the focus of the talk.

Thus, pings set off automatically only if need be, by so letting your WordPress website acquire a more trustworthy voice.


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