With three functionalities being a worthy addendum to the set of features offered by SiteTree, Pro Leaf instils in SiteTree that drop of extra flexibility a professional website can benefit from.

Exclude Web Pages in Bulk New

The more often you find yourself having to exclude Posts, Pages, or Custom Posts from one of the resources produced by SiteTree, the more the reasons of allowing Pro Leaf into your crew of plugins: its integration in the WordPress UI will let you exclude more web pages at once in just a few mouse-actions.

Group Pages by Topic

When it comes to organising the hyper-list of Pages in your Site Tree, the keyword is Topic: you tick a setting, assign a Topic to each series of Pages, and let Pro Leaf do all the grouping-work.

Creating, assigning and re-assigning Topics will be familiar and quickly done.

More Pinging Info

With Pro Leaf a detailed log of pinging events is always at hand, accessible through an unobtrusive UI element that can be recalled at need with one click, so that you can immediately investigate about errors, or know which publishing action triggered an automatic ping.


Buying Options

All licences include 1 year of automatic updates and technical support.

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