Setting Up a Multilingual Site Tree

After having acted on the plugin's dashboard to let it know about the page that is to house your Site Tree, you have to duplicate, or better yet, translate such page into each language you want your Site Tree to be presented in. To do so, you need to head for the editor screen of your chosen page, and use the user controls supplied by WPML through the 'Language' meta-box:

The 'Language' meta-box provided by WPML.

For your multilingual Site Tree to work, you have to do nothing more. No shortcode to add, nothing else. Though, the Site Tree will be fully localised only after you have carried out what's detailed in the next section.

Translating the Titles of the Hyper-lists

To complete this step, the WPML String Translation plugin, developed by the makers of WPML, has to be installed on your website.

Having said that, the first thing to do is to re-save the settings of your Site Tree by going to The Permalinks Cascade -> Site Tree Settings and clicking on 'Save Changes'. Then, you just have to head for the 'String Translation' screen reachable from the WPML menu, and translate the strings filed under the domain 'The Permalinks Cascade', namely the titles of the hyper-lists making up your Site Tree.

The 'String Translation' screen of WPML.
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