The Permalinks Cascade Pro Goes Free

The Permalinks Cascade Pro Goes Free

For the course of events to change, it doesn't necessarily have to take place a paradigm shift, sometimes even a decision made to fulfil an ordinary need is enough. But please, let me clear up the vagueness of my words, because I think an explanation, for the users of The Permalinks Cascade Pro and SiteTree, can be as much appreciated as it would be receiving words of gratitude for the trust placed in me.

In June, when the downward trend in sales of SiteTree reached the climax, I realised that establishing a solo business from scratch requires an attitude I have yet to acquire. Thus, not being able to afford to go on without an income for much longer, I sent a job application to a digital agency that somehow had caught my attention.

After a first chat with the founder of BlackStudio, and a preliminary test, the days began to go by. Eventually, in August, the idea of The Permalinks Cascade Pro whetted my entrepreneurship again. A new development cycle started, drawing to an end only one week ago with The Permalinks Cascade Pro peeping into the World Wide Web.

Call it chance or fate, to my great surprise BlackStudio got back to me just before the launch day. And after an interview, they let me know that the possibility of a collaboration following a trial period was likely. Right away the glee began to cohabit with a bit of sadness: I knew with absolute certainty that I couldn't entirely devote myself to the newborn project anymore.

I don't know how this working experience will evolve, but whatever the outcome, I have settled on the idea that in the near future working in a team is the route I want to travel over. After all, time is a limited resource, and I have yet to find a way to clone myself.

Now that The Permalinks Cascade Pro is really open-source, there is no reason for keeping the 'Pro' particle into its name. So, from now on you can fondly call it The Permalinks Cascade — soon available on too.