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Demux Leaf Will Join the Core of SiteTree 6.0

Published on Luigi Cavalieri

The past November, when I launched Demux Leaf, one of the first official add-ons for SiteTree, I couldn't have predicted that only three months later I would have announced my decision of opening its source to the community, but I'm doing it, and I couldn't be more confident about my choice.

Demux Leaf was born out of the wish to provide users of medium-to-large WordPress websites with a mean able to set the SiteTree's Core Builder free from the limitations imposed by performance, specifications and usability. In other words, Demux Leaf was here for one, main purpose: building large Sitemaps.

The repository on already hosted very well-written sitemaps generators that integrated some of Demux Leaf's functionalities, and WordPress itself had its own built-in alternative, the Core Sitemaps feature. But none of these solutions were a complete answer, and even less for the people who already used SiteTree. Thus the development of Demux Leaf had given to one week of my time indisputable usefulness. However, the more the days went by, the more the development of the forthcoming Leaf unfolded, the more the idea of merging Demux Leaf with SiteTree matured in me. I felt that SiteTree had to be able to cope with the growth of a sitemap, independently. So the premature end of Demux Leaf couldn't be but behind the corner.

I think it's fair to the people who have contributed financially and who will not see their licence terms met, to go beyond a public display of gratitude. Therefore, in the next few days I will refund their purchase in full.

If you are currently using Demux Leaf, you have to know that when SiteTree 6.0 will be released, you will have to do nothing more than uninstalling the Leaf. SiteTree 6.0 will be fully capable of breaking up your XML Sitemaps into multiple, smaller sitemaps, and paginate your Site Tree.

"But, wasn't SiteTree 6.0 supposed to feature Blocks?"

Actually, that's what I was saying back in January, but in the light of what I have written a change to the roadmap was inevitable. This doesn't mean that SiteTree will never be furnished with Blocks, but it does just mean that SiteTree 7.0 will be another exciting iteration.