Deleting a Whole Taxonomy from the Database

To carry out such a task, there is no utility function made up on purpose in WordPress. After all, deleting all the data associated to a taxonomy isn't a common task, or at least not something you routinely do. Me, for example, I ran into the problem while writing the uninstall.php script for SiteTree Pro 4.0 — a file loaded when not all the WordPress functions are available, either. But even considering a more generic context, the most streamlined solution that can be adopted is to use three custom queries.

Drawing a Go-back Arrow with CSS Pseudo-elements

While working on the personal area opened recently, the need arose to add a left arrow to a go‑back link without making any changes to the markup, mainly because I had no control over it. The solution followed naturally: use the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements to draw respectively the point and the shaft of the arrow.

The `db-error.php` Plugin

In the WordPress jargon a Drop-in Plugin is a PHP script that replaces a functionality of WordPress, somehow becoming part of the core. In fact these special plugins don't need to be activated to be loaded, they just have to be dropped in the wp-content folder.