Luigi Cavalieri - Authoring Open Source Software

  1. SiteTree 7.0: A Nest of New Features

    Today is the day. SiteTree turns into a premium plugin to all intents and purposes. As disclosed about a month ago, this change of course is the offspring of my current financial situation, but also of the will to give a future to the project.

  2. SiteTree is About to Go Premium

    I guess you wouldn't have expected such a drastic change of course. Me neither. I have always been of the idea that the freemium business model was the one that best suited my way of thinking, and I am still convinced of that, but sometimes needs change rapidly, and when it does happen, action has to be taken proactively.

  3. SiteTree 6.0: Site Tree Pagination and XML Sitemap Index

    Do you like the new icon? The slight refresh hasn't changed its meaning — something I will tell you about some other time — but it adds-up to an update that introduces in SiteTree two functionalities previously exclusive to Demux Leaf: the ability to produce a multi-page Site Tree and that of creating collections of XML sitemaps.

  4. Pro Leaf Becomes Wonder Leaf

    Developing a software is tough, but giving it a new name, it's a no less challenging task. Most of the time such a choice is nourished by an obvious reason, other times it is simply the need to give breath to an idea, to push for the change. Wonder Leaf is born exactly from said need. It's the result of a thought that finally reached full maturity: the ability to look at life in wonder isn't a privilege of a few, but an aptitude of everyone, and as such, it has to be celebrated everyday.

  5. Pro Leaf 1.2: Ghost Pages at a Glance, and in Bulk

    Pro Leaf is slowly collecting new gems, little features currently focused on improving your productivity as a SiteTree's user. This time around it's the Ghost Pages feature of SiteTree to see an uplift: Pro Leaf 1.2 makes Ghost Pages easier to spot, and faster to flag.

  6. Demux Leaf Will Join the Core of SiteTree 6.0

    The past November, when I launched Demux Leaf, one of the first official add-ons for SiteTree, I couldn't have predicted that only three months later I would have announced my decision of opening its source to the community, but I'm doing it, and I couldn't be more confident about my choice.

  7. Raw Solution to Ordering an Array of Page Objects Hierarchically

    Sometimes the need arises for an array of Page objects ordered hierarchically, but all there is available is just a collection of Page objects ordered by title for example, maybe because they were previously fetched from the database through the global $wpdb object. On these occasions, to hierarchically reorder an array as such, we have to be creative, because WordPress isn't equipped with an utility function made up on purpose — or at least I have not dug enough to uncover one. In truth, I simply enjoyed looking for my own solution, and that's the main reason why I am here now writing about it.

  8. SiteTree 5.2: It's Time for a Template Tag

    It would be much more worth writing about a restorative experience lived in a difficult 2020, but I am just a young life-learner who mingles drops of code into a cauldron full of hope, and as such I can only wish you to find in this update that bit of extra usefulness that SiteTree was still missing.

  9. SiteTree Collects its First 100k Downloads

    After an outburst of emotions that only Fred Flintstone could have expressed better, an unstoppable need to thank every single person who contributed to reaching this milestone made a heartfelt "Grazie!" to spring out of me. Just the time to catch it, that I was already sticking it between these lines: in no case it could have failed getting to you.